Wedding Tips

33Hair and Make-up tips

It’s important that you schedule a trial with your stylist prior to wedding day.  You want to have a clear idea what your make-up and hair will look like on the wedding day.  No need for surprises here.

Ask your stylist how long everything will take and add an extra half hour as a buffer.  It’s best not to feel rushed.

Also, decide in advance if you want a quiet morning with just a few closest friends and family, or if you prefer a room full of people.  Every situation provides a very different atmosphere and energy.

142Expect the unexpected

The best way to prepare is to plan.  Plan out your wedding schedule from beginning to end.  Make sure to allow enough time if your dress is very complicated, if your are exchanging gifts, doing first look, or traveling to ceremony/reception venues and so on.  This will help you and everyone involved.

When putting together your timeline, please, don’t hesitate to communicate with us.  Let us know if we can be of assistance in any way.

418Church ceremony

Make sure to check with your church, before booking, what their photography restrictions are.  Please, pass the list of restrictions on to us.  It’s important to have clear expectations about images that can be captured during your ceremony.

949Embrace the 

Once you’ve done all the planning and the wedding day is finally here, you should simply relax and let it be what it is.  Don’t let weather or anything else get you down.  Have some fun.  One way to get some great shots on a rainy day is to provide your wedding party with cute umbrellas.  Luckily you can buy umbrellas last minute.  Rainy photos can be beautiful, but if the storm is more sever, make sure we have some indoor options.

Keep an open mind if you are running behind schedule.  Just remember it’s your day and nothing can start without you!

The most important part of the wedding day is your love for one another.  Make sure you take the time to connect with each other and forget rain, snow or heat.  Enjoy yourselves, be happy, smile and remember that beauty comes from within, not the sky.

549Creative portraits

 One of the most important moments of your day are the creative portraits session.  Be sure to carve out an hour or more for them.  It helps not to be rushed and remember that the portraits require a little patience and sometimes an adventurous spirit.  Try not to worry about your dress.  Keeping it clean all day might be an unrealistic expectation.  Let’s have some fun with this!  In time photos will be more important to you than anything else.


Allow for travel time in your wedding schedule and make enough room on the limo for at least one photographer.  Limo partying can provide for some fun photos!


When planning a reception don’t over look up-lighting.  The more lights, the better!  We love DJ lights, candles, lamps, chandeliers and everything that sparkles.  The additional lighting will help add color, warmth and excitement to an otherwise completely black background.